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Faraz Kavian company, a manufacturer of air showers and air curtains with more than 24 years of brilliant history, which has been active in the air curtain industry since 1995, today, according to the achievements and developments, as well as with the increasing population, energy And its productivity method is one of the main problems of industrial societies, that's why advanced societies are trying to prevent energy wastage as much as possible with the use of new technologies.

One of the ways to achieve this issue is the efficiency of the air curtain device.

An air curtain is a device that is installed above the entrance doors of residential, commercial, industrial, and high-traffic environments that are regularly connected to the outside environment. This device can be effectively prevented from wasting energy. It creates layers of air that prevents heat from insects, dust and dirt entering the interior through open doors by generating kinetic energy.

These systems are industrial, administrative and commercial in different types and sizes according to the location of the ambient wind intensity, installed height and produced.

Familiarity with Farazkavian certificates

Faraz Kavian company is one of those service providers that, in addition to having different agencies in the country, has been involved in this great mission for many years by producing these devices for the industrial independence of the country.

With thousands of installation records in places such as pharmaceuticals, automotive industries, commercial complexes, etc., this company has succeeded in obtaining European CE, ISO 9001 - OHSAS 18001 certificates.

It is hoped that according to the installation records of this company in the field of new products, this unit will attract the satisfaction of respected customers.

In line with the above policies, maintaining the effectiveness of the quality management system for the requirements of ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008 and complying with legal and regulatory requirements is considered as the basic and inviolable framework of this company.

Field of activity of Farazkavian company

Farazkavian Production Company (private joint stock) active in the field of air curtain production (preventing energy exchange and loss, entry of insects and dust) (air shower) preventing particles from entering isolated areas (clean room) controlling density or concentration of particles in air up to 0.5 microns) blue fan (cooling with water spray and fragrance spray) antistatic work clothes (discharge of electric charge from all surfaces and aura around the body) PVC curtain (preventing the transmission of air pollution and sound insulation) from It is among the service providers that, in addition to having numerous agencies in the country, has been taking steps towards the country's industrial independence by producing such equipment for years.

Farazkavian company, as the first manufacturer of air curtains in Iran, started its activity in 1995 and has been able to keep this title until now. And during the continuous effort for many years, currently the only company that has an operating license from the Ministry of Industry is the one that can produce this product in the country.

Farazkavian company's products are used from small stores to heavy and semi-heavy industries.

Farazkavian company has chosen an interesting slogan to differentiate its products from other products of competitors and imported devices, which in itself is an important claim.

Farazkavian company has claimed in its slogan that there is no Iranian who has not once passed under the air curtain produced by this company.

Farazkavian company started with the production of air curtains and continued to expand the portfolio of products in related fields such as design, construction, production and maintenance of clean room and production of clean room equipment.

It should be noted that the clean room and its equipment in food, pharmaceutical, hospitals, etc. It is applicable.
In conclusion, she notes that the construction of this device has been carried out using the latest international standards offered in the named countries and succeeded in obtaining certificates. CE (Permit to export products to European countries), ISO 13485 (Approved by Medical Equipment Administration) ISO 9001 (General Quality Management System) ISO 14001 (observing environmental principles)ISO 18001 (Observation of occupational health and safety principles) has been done.

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