An air curtain is a device that uses a fan to create an invisible air barrier on the door to effectively separate two different environments without restricting the access of people or vehicles.

Also, the air curtain prevents the loss of energy, the entry of insects and the penetration of wind.

One of the types of air curtains is an industrial air curtain that has a use other than commercial and office uses and is often used in production workshops, factories and cold stores.

It should be mentioned that most industrial air curtains are powered by three-phase voltage.

Farazkavian company is one of the largest and first manufacturers of air curtains, especially industrial air curtains.

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Industrial gas burner hot air curtain

  • Voltage: three phase 380V
  • Size: 360-480-600 cm length

Three-phase industrial air curtain (HV-WSH-SEP)

  • Voltage: three phase 380V
  • Electric motor: with technical specifications CLASS F - IP55
  • Size: 70-120 cm length
  • Start-up: automatically, synchronized with the opening and closing of the door