A clean room is a room with different sizes depending on the type of use, where the number of suspended particles in the air is controlled and classified with the help of clean room equipment.

A clean room is designed, constructed and operated to control the entry, generation and maintenance of particles within the room.

Farazkavian company is one of the manufacturers of clean room equipment, clean room design and implementation with a history of 25 years.

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Clean room door

  • Material of frame: Aluminum and hard anodize
  • Door body material: Anti-scratch glossy ABS coating or sandwich panel with a thickness of 60 mm and polyurethane inner coating B2 with the top surfaces of galvanized sheet with electrostatic powder paint.
  • types of : One lap and two laps

Clean room stanless steel equipment

  • types of : Furniture, tables, shelves, cupboards and steel benches
  • material : steel

cleanroom flooring

  • Types of flooring available and approved for clean rooms:
  • Epoxy
  • Conductive antistatic flooring in pieces of 60 x 60 cm
  • Conductive antistatic flooring in rolls

Electronic systems

  • Intelligent control of temperature and humidity
  • Intelligent control of pressure difference
  • Intelligent control of volume and speed of air flow

Filter box and clean room ducting

  • material : Galvanized sheets
  • Materials for a clean room with a higher class: steel

hepa vacum cleanroom

  • Voltage: single phase 220V - 50 HZ.
  • Filter: five layers
  • Electric motor power: 1000-1400 watts
  • Body Material: SS304 steel