Air conditioning systems are systems that have the ability to control three factors, humidity, temperature and air flow speed.

Also, the general rule of all air conditioning systems is based on the principle of transferring heat or cold to the place you want.

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air conditioner

  • Structures of special aluminum profiles
  • Double-walled body made of galvanized sheet with furnace powder paint - between the two walls of thermal insulation
  • The blade of the dampers has a special air seal and is completely airtight
  • Capable of cooling from chilled water cooling coils or DX coils
  • Ability to heat from heating coils with hot water or steam or electric element
  • Equipped with a differential pressure gauge on both sides of the HEPA filter or bag filters to indicate when to change the filter

educational chiller

  • Uses : Air conditioning systems
  • types of : Condensation & absorption